Speaking of observations, I just went to my main website (one of my MANY websites), and realized it probably needs a face lift. Since I write web pages during the day for work, then come home and write and support web pages for clients, I rarely even look at my own stuff. The farthest back I can go and be sure of a date for how long I’ve had this page format is a web app that I wrote, the “Text Twist Solver.” There is a “hits since 2/9/2005” part of the page with a broken link to a graphics image. Some day, I’ll give my site an overhaul.

As a humorous side note, the radio station I listen to most (Jack FM) often plays an ad telling people to go to their website, but that their grandma’s site is still better than theirs – well, that’s almost true for my page. I’ll update it some time!