SSH Requiring A Password

If you have gone through the process of sharing keys on various machines, but ssh is still asking for a password, I have the answer. After much pain, agony, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, I have found the elusive yet surprisingly simple answer. Change to your home directory, then issue the command

ls -ld . (that’d be ell ess space minus ell dee space dot for those who really shouldn’t be typing on a unix box)

If your directory does not come back as drwxr-xr-x (or 755 to those of us in the know), this is probably why your password is being requested. Change your home directory to 755 and try again. Happy?

This just in – your .ssh directory must be drwx- – – – – – (or 700) as well as the above info.  (My directory listing isn’t printing correctly – so I’ll write it out – drwx followed by 6 dashes.)

“Real” MS Vista Admin Account

Do you hate Micro$oft Vista as much as I do???

I know people who love it, but I can’t stand how M$ is trying to protect me from myself!  Anyway, my buddy from work did all the Google legwork, and discovered a cool tip.  [Read more →]