My current book

I love to read! Any chance I get to read, I will. That being said, I’m finding it hard to get through my current book.

I’m reading “Golden Buddha” by Clive Cussler. I’ve read tons of his works. The early books he wrote chronicled the adventures of Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino. While his story lines can be far fetched and somewhat corny, they provide a fun read and an escape from reality. This book isn’t a Dirk Pitt book. It’s a Juan Cabrillo book. Cussler introduced Cabrillo in what I believe was his last Dirk Pitt novel. This book is Cabrillo’s first book all about him and his corporation. The cast of regular characters is so long and confusing, Cussler includes a listing of the primary characters in the book, along with their role in “the corporation” (if they belong to the corporation) or their role as villains or heroes in the story. After getting into this book and referring back to the cast of characters on numerous occasions to remember who is who, I find it to be a tedious read. The Dirk Pitt books had a primary cast of 5 or 6 regulars (Pitt, Giordino, Sandecker, Gunn, and Loren (with the violet eyes), Dirk’s on-again-off-again main squeeze.) Now, I haven’t read a Dirk Pitt novel in probably a year or more, but I was able to come up with these names in less than 30 seconds, with no Googling. 🙂 If you asked me more than Juan Cabrillo in this current novel, I’d have to refer to the book.

What all this says, in way too many words, is I’m finding this book challenging to get to the last chapter. When I do, I won’t be picking up another Juan Cabrillo novel again! I picked up one of Cussler’s “Kirt Austin” novels that he co-authors with Paul Kemprecos, and found that almost as annoying as this book I’m reading now.

I should read another Dirk Pitt novel, so I can write some good things about Clive Cussler, because I’ve read over a dozen of his other novels and thoroughly enjoyed them all!