Finally done with “The Golden Buddha!”

I had a lot of quiet time yesterday (Saturday), so I was able to get “The Golden Buddha” finished.  Of course it ended just as anyone could have predicted.  I was quite surprised by the content of the book.  If this were a movie, I would have rated all the text up to what I read yesterday as PG.  However, a section I read yesterday would have been rated R for violence.  It was shocking to have such violence in a relatively tame book.

I can tell you I’ll never read another Clive Cussler that was co-authored with anyone.  I don’t know if I mentioned before, I read a Cussler book that was co-authored with Paul Kemprekos, and it, too, was a major disappointment.

My next book?  Another of my favorite authors who has yet to disappointment me, David Baldacci.  Stay tuned for my comments on “Split Second.”

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