Working late on a Friday

OK – here’s some geek speak that someone may be able to learn something from.

The servers I work on are primarily Sun servers. I have a Sun 3320 array that I’ve populated with 6 72-gig disks. We got 6 more in, and so I spent over a week trying to get them to be visible to the o/s. I eventually had a Sun tech come out and help me out. Here are the items that we causing my dilemma:
– We have the scsi array chained off our internal scsi bus – with the extra 6 disks, we’ve probably overloaded the scsi bus
– We have a 6 foot scsi cable connecting the server to the array (when a 12-inch cable would do just fine). The extra length is probably causing some of the problem
– The real culprit – I saved for last. The six new drives I loaded were not compatible with the original six. The first six have a spin speed of 10k RPM, and the six new disks have a spin speed of 15k RPM. I found out that the two different speed disks cannot be populated in the same array.

There was a week of work, frustration, late hours wasted due to lack of documentation about mixing spin speeds in a disk array. Who knew?

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