In order to be “green”, everyone is supposed to be recycling. I get it – we have a recycle bin at home that gets picked up by our trash company every other week. My rant, however, is not with this service. My wife and I both own home-based businesses, and lately, that means we get a lot of boxes shipped to our home/home office. We end up with lots of cardboard boxes in our garage.

Today, I decided it was time to get rid of the latest batch. They’re all broken down flat and sitting in the back of my car. I’ve spent probably close to an hour trying to find a location where I can drop them off for recycling. Keep in mind, I live in the Denver area. I was surprised at what I found.

* there are very few locations that I found online that accept cardboard
* none were close to where I live or near my office
* most of those that I found had unaccommodating business hours (I work until 5, yet have to have these boxes across town before 5)
* I can pay to have someone come by and pick up the boxes

I don’t necessarily want to get paid for recycling my cardboard, but I don’t want it all taking up space in a landfill.  And I’m not going to pay a company lots of dollars to pick up my cardboard and then turn around and sell it.

If we are supposed to be “green”, and Denver and Colorado want to be eco-friendly, it shouldn’t take hours of searching to find a recycle location that is accessible, only to find out that the convenience factor is non-existent.  This round of boxes is headed for landfill, once again.

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