What is wrong with our nation?

Is it just me, or has our nation, collectively, gone off its rocker?

First, let’s discuss all the recent violence. It seems you can’t turn on the news without hearing about a local shooting (in Denver, shootings were rarely reported on the news, presumably because they rarely happened), stabbing, beating, or some other form of violence happening in what used to be a relatively safe metropolitan area.

Second, public voting. I’m not talking politicians or their lame excuses for bills, I’ll get to that in a minute. Last November, both Colorado and Washington voters decided they didn’t need to worry about federal laws, and voted to legalize marijuana use in these states. Since when can we voters vote to “override” a federal law just because we don’t like it? If we can do that, why don’t we do something productive, say like vote to ignore the IRS and their crooked laws? Nah, it’s funner to just get stoned.

Third – politicians. My most immediate beef with politicians is Colorado’s governor, John Hickenlooper. (Yes, that’s really his name.) Mere minutes ago, Hick decided to give clemency to a man who has been sitting on death row since the 1990’s for the murders and attempted murder of 5 Chuck E. Cheese’s employees as they were closing up one night. He used to work there, and I think the story was that we was upset for getting fired, so he came in one cold night in December and executed the kids and manager that were working there. My friend (and babysitter), Sylvia, was shot in the back of the head, execution style, and since she was vacuuming, hadn’t heard the previous gunshots. Many news articles I’ve been reading state that Colorado’s death penalty is “unfair” to the three men on death row. UNFAIR??? REALLY!?!?! Unfair is this person changing many families’ lives forever by removing their loved ones from this earth way too soon. Since when does one man, regardless of his position or stature, think he knows better than a 12-person jury of one’s peers on what the punishment should be?

While we’re talking about Hick and other “interesting” people serving on Colorado’s Capitol Hill (I changed the word “morons” to “interesting people”). In the wake of the recent gun violence, they passed laws to restrict Coloradans’ ability to exercise their 2nd amendment rights. Before signing one of the bills into law, Hick knew he’d be driving a profitable business out of Colorado, taking many well-paying jobs and tax dollars, by signing one of the bills. Even though he was a profitable business man before becoming governor, he decided to sign the bills and boot that company out of Colorado. Good business decision! Hick is showing that he got to his position in life by being a people-pleaser. Hey, I even voted for the man (even though I was a registered Republican at the time and he’s a Dem) because I thought he would bring some business sense to the office. I was obviously wrong! So his job over the years has been to simply sign every bill that’s come across his desk. I just googled Hick’s veto record, and was taken to colorado.gov, which states in the five main press releases that Hick has signed 26 bills and “several bills” in releases dating back to May 14, 2013. Yes, that was just 1 week ago yesterday. I think the man needs to go to dictionary.com to look up the word “veto” – you can’t tell me everything coming out of our politicians is worthy of being signed into law! I’m not saying veto everything, but once in a while, the man should show some backbone by saying “hold on a minute…” But that obviously doesn’t happen with our current Gov. (How soon do we get to vote him out?!?)

I’ll probably save my rants against national politicians for another post. I’m sure there will be plenty to discuss in that blog post. BTW – I plan on posting more often on my blog – I used to share my opinions on my Facebook page, but certain people have started insinuating that I get all my information from Fox News (which I don’t watch, and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve been on their website), and I’m tired of having to defend my opinion on Facebook to people who refuse to consider any opinion other than their own. (To borrow a quote, I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed man!)

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