I’m just as tired of the “birthers” argument as the next guy.  However, I am as skeptical as the next guy regarding Obama’s birth certificate.  My first question was why it took two years to finally produce the birth certificate. states,

“At a time of great consequence for this country – when we should be debating how we win the future, reduce our deficit, deal with high gas prices, and bring stability to the Middle East, Washington, DC, was once again distracted by a fake issue.  The President’s hope is that with this step, we can move on to debating the bigger issues that matter to the American people and the future of our country.”  (Dan Pfeiffer – White House Communications Director)

OK – this wording reminds me of the misdirection we have seen in a few previous administrations, both republican and democrat, but that’s for a different time.

The reason for this particular blog post is that I saw a video on YouTube that showed “proof” that the birth certificate posted at is a fake.  I don’t take major statements like this on blind faith.  I rewound the video, which by the way is at, and followed the guy’s steps with my own copy of the birth certificate I downloaded directly from  If you want to see some basic stuff without any special software, zoom up to 300% in your Acrobat Reader.  Look at box 1a – you’ll see that the “R” in “BARACK” is different than the rest of the word “BARACK.”  My first thought was that perhaps the typewriter had a bum “R” key, but if you look at the “BARACK” in box 8, the R looks like the rest of the word.  The “S” in “STANLEY” in box 13 is the same way.  The word “None” in 17a has two different tones of the ink color – the “Non” has a green hue, but the “e” is black.  Next, look at 18a – the name “Ann Dunham Obama” is “signed.”  Note the hue differences in the word Ann and the “D” in Dunham and how they look different from the rest of the signature.  The first half shows differences in hue, which is expected with writing – different pressure with different letters causes thicker and thinner lines in the writing.  Everything after the “D” in Dunham is consistently solid black, as it would be if created on a computer.  Next, look at box 20 – the date is greenish, but the last “1” in 1961 is black.  Box 22 shows similar differences – in “1961” the”19″ and “1” are darker than the rest of the date.

That’s all done with no special software.  But wait, there’s more!  If you’ve ever scanned a file (or examined a scanned file that was turned into a PDF), you’ll notice that the file created is like a picture – a single layered picture.  I opened the birth certificate with Adobe Illustrator, and guess what I found?  Several layers – two of which had nothing in them, and 7 layers of other stuff.  I’ll explain what is on the various layers:

1)  The first layer in my new document contains the green background, a little bit of text (labels in boxes) , the signatures in 19a and 21, and “(Stanley) Ann D” in box 18a.
2)  The second layer shows the majority of the text on the document, as well as “unham Obama” in the signature block of 18a.  Box 1a does not have the “1” before the a.  Also, the “R” in Barack is missing.  The date in box 20 only has a “1” in it.  The date in box 22 has “19 1” – note the space between the 9 and the second 1.
3)  The third layer has the rest of the date for box 20
4)  The fourth layer has the rest of the date for box 22.
5)  The fifth layer has the date of “APR  25 2011” in the lower left of the document
6)  The sixth layer has “Non” in box 17a.
7)  The last layer has the state registrar’s stamp and signature.

I have these seven layers as well as the complete birth certificate in a single PDF file, which I can email to you, if you’d like.  I will eventually upload the file to my server and put a link in this post.

Section 1 of Article Two of the Constitution states that a candidate for presidency must be “a natural born Citizen.”  At this point, I’m not saying that Obama should be booted from office.  I’d like to see him banned from running for a second term, and possibly have a few years in Club Fed.  
What this makes me wonder is why it was so important for Obama to win the Oval Office that he had to fake his nationality to run.  I know part of it has to be an ego boost – it’s obvious when watching him speak that the man exudes egotism.  Yes, there is a huge difference between arrogance and confidence.  What agenda was important enough to fake documents and break federal law to accomplish?  What other lies and deception (beyond the typical crap that comes with every election) were perpetrated to win the election?  What lengths will this administration go to to accomplish its agenda?  What else has been done that hasn’t been discovered?

I’m not naive enough to think there is little corruption in politics.  But why should we, as an American public, turn a blind eye to such a blatant disrespect for our constitution?  I wonder which other pieces of the constitution are going to be ignored and/or obliterated.  How much life does our constitution have?

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  1. You can download the document in its original format along with its seven unique layers at

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