Thunderbird Software Update Failure

I use open-source software on my laptop. I don’t have Microsoft stuff loaded, except for the operating system. I don’t like Microsoft.

Ok, that’s out of the way. 🙂

I use Firefox for my browser and Thunderbird for my e-mail. They both work very well, 95% of the time.

Today, Thunderbird performed an “auto-update”, which is a good thing to do, so you can have the latest operational and security features in your applications. Today’s update failed, and put me in a perpetual loop, such that I couldn’t start Thunderbird and get to my e-mail. This is the second time I’ve experienced this problem. So, I didn’t panic this time. 🙂
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SSH Requiring A Password

If you have gone through the process of sharing keys on various machines, but ssh is still asking for a password, I have the answer. After much pain, agony, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, I have found the elusive yet surprisingly simple answer. Change to your home directory, then issue the command

ls -ld . (that’d be ell ess space minus ell dee space dot for those who really shouldn’t be typing on a unix box)

If your directory does not come back as drwxr-xr-x (or 755 to those of us in the know), this is probably why your password is being requested. Change your home directory to 755 and try again. Happy?

This just in – your .ssh directory must be drwx- – – – – – (or 700) as well as the above info.  (My directory listing isn’t printing correctly – so I’ll write it out – drwx followed by 6 dashes.)

The Future Of Your Bandwidth

OK – for those of you who are not currently heavily involved with the internet, you still need to pay attention.

Comcast has recently announced that it may soon be implementing a bandwidth limit on their residential customers. See this link for details. If you don’t think this affects you, let me help you understand how this will affect you.
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