One of my e-mail signatures

I was just looking at an e-mail I sent via my Google Mail account, and I saw the signature that gets appended to each message.  I thought it was worth mentioning here in my blog.

Calling an illegal alien an “undocumented immigrant” is like calling a drug dealer an “unlicensed pharmacist”.

Letter written by gang member

Well, if the title doesn’t make you go “Huh?” there probably isn’t much you haven’t seen.  On the local news channel’s website in Denver, there is a story about a letter allegedly written by the gang member who fired shots into the limousine on New Years Eve/New Years Day 2006/2007, which killed Denver Bronco Darrent Williams.

Why do I say “Huh?”  Since when do gang members write home about who they shot or who they killed?  If you ask me, it sounds like someone wanting their 15 minutes of fame has fabricated this “letter” for whatever reason.  I have never heard of a gang member writing anything to anyone about anybody.

Currently Reading

I’m already on to my next book(s). I’m currently reading four books (yeah, really, I am!) All four are religion centric. I’m taking a break from fiction for a little while. [Read more →]

Split Second

I finished Split Second by David Baldacci last week. Here is a quote from my review on Shelfari.

“Not the best Baldacci that I’ve read. The book had its share of twists and surprises, but I don’t think this was as good as some of his later works.”

I like Baldacci’s works, but like all authors, some of his novels are better than others.  This wasn’t my favorite of the many Baldacci’s books I’ve read.

Disguised Bandits

I’m sitting here watching the local nightly news (Denver area), and I saw quite an amusing story.  Two guys went into a convenience store (I think), and they chose to disguise their faces.  What did they use?  (I need to find a picture to post here!)  [Read more →]

This couldn’t go undocumented!

I am at work right now (shhhhh, don’t tell my boss I’m blogging!), and I just ran down …. walked, actually, to the cafeteria to buy a coke. There are tables set up with items for sale with proceeds going to breast cancer research. A mighty good cause, don’t you think?

The reason I’m sitting here typing is that I saw a t-shirt that I KNOW I’ve never seen before. It simply says


I had to wonder to myself, “Does this mean the whales are safe now?”