Construction cranes

I have been traveling the same path to and from a hospital daily for the past three days.  Along the way, there are two apartment/condo buildings under construction.  Since I am usually going after working hours, the construction crew is always done when I drive by.

My observation and curiosity is that I noticed when they shut off the cranes, they swing the booms out over a major Denver thoroughfare.  By the way, these are not the cranes where the guy climbs to the top and sits in it all day.  These are firmly planted on the ground and operated from the ground.

Why would the crew want to set the booms out over a busy street?  Is it in case they fall, they won’t damage the structure they’re building?  If they fell, they’d surely cause a major traffic accident, since that street is busy nearly round the clock.  Another question that will probably never be answered.

New book

I’ve recently started reading a new book.  I haven’t had a lot of time for reading, so it’ll probably take a while to read it.  The book is by one of my Top 5 authors, David Baldacci.  The book is called Split Second, and the jacket describes it as a story of two Secret Service agents who both lost protectees on their watch, and their paths eventually cross.  Should be a good one.

I’m getting old!

We celebrated my oldest daughter’s 18th birthday today.  She turned 18 on the 14th, and will be graduating from high school next month.  How could that happen, when she was just coming home from the hospital as a newborn a few years ago?  I feel like breaking into song with “Sunrise, Sunset.”  Ok, not really, I can’t sing on a blog, so you’re all spared!

Finally done with “The Golden Buddha!”

I had a lot of quiet time yesterday (Saturday), so I was able to get “The Golden Buddha” finished.  Of course it ended just as anyone could have predicted.  I was quite surprised by the content of the book.  If this were a movie, I would have rated all the text up to what I read yesterday as PG.  However, a section I read yesterday would have been rated R for violence.  It was shocking to have such violence in a relatively tame book.

I can tell you I’ll never read another Clive Cussler that was co-authored with anyone.  I don’t know if I mentioned before, I read a Cussler book that was co-authored with Paul Kemprekos, and it, too, was a major disappointment.

My next book?  Another of my favorite authors who has yet to disappointment me, David Baldacci.  Stay tuned for my comments on “Split Second.”

Working late on a Friday

OK – here’s some geek speak that someone may be able to learn something from.

The servers I work on are primarily Sun servers. I have a Sun 3320 array that I’ve populated with 6 72-gig disks. We got 6 more in, and so I spent over a week trying to get them to be visible to the o/s. I eventually had a Sun tech come out and help me out. Here are the items that we causing my dilemma:
– We have the scsi array chained off our internal scsi bus – with the extra 6 disks, we’ve probably overloaded the scsi bus
– We have a 6 foot scsi cable connecting the server to the array (when a 12-inch cable would do just fine). The extra length is probably causing some of the problem
– The real culprit – I saved for last. The six new drives I loaded were not compatible with the original six. The first six have a spin speed of 10k RPM, and the six new disks have a spin speed of 15k RPM. I found out that the two different speed disks cannot be populated in the same array.

There was a week of work, frustration, late hours wasted due to lack of documentation about mixing spin speeds in a disk array. Who knew?

The Book Is Done

Speaking of The Golden Buddha. Based on my previous messages, will you be surprised when I tell you the “Corporation” accomplished everything they want to do, as well as avoiding no injuries within the corporation people worse than a couple of cracked ribs? I’m not going to give away the plot, if any of you want to read the book. The ending was very predictable, as well.

This book is definitely trade-in or donate material. It’s the second Clive Cusler that I’ve read where he co-authored the book. The other was with Paul Kemprekos. I didn’t like that one either.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino stories, they do some corny things, they get captured, they have to escape, they have to rescue pretty girls, they steal and drive/pilot cool cars and boat. In fact, every car that Cussler writes about that Dirk has in his hangar/garage, Cussler owns that actual car, stored either in Evergreen, Colorado or I think Phoenix, Arizona. And, in most of his earlier books, Cussler also wrote a very small cameo bit for himself in every book.

I’m not giving up on Cussler. I’m just not going to buy a book where Clive is sharing the cover with another author.

Our society has turned into a bunch of whiners!

We have become so obsessed with being politically correct that our society is becoming a bunch of whiny little babies!

OK – I’ll explain why the rant.  First, some background (of course!)  I live in a typical neighborhood, have a two-car garage full of stuff (but no cars) and we have three cars and three drivers in our household.  My wife parks in the driveway.  I used to park in front of the house, but my daughter steals my spot if she gets home before me.  Since I’m working three jobs and since in the Chorale once a week, she’s usually home before me.  So, if I don’t get the spot in front of the house, I park across the street, which happens to be near the mailboxes. [Read more →]

The Golden Buddha

OK, I’ve already stated how I feel about this book.  Remember that post?  I’m about 75% through the book, and it’s finally become interesting.  Well, sorta.  There was a goal the group in the book was trying to accomplish, and they’ve completed a major hurdle.  The culmination of this hurdle was an interesting read.  Now that this task has been accomplished, I’m worried the book will end up back in its humdrum mode it’s been in from page one.  The good news is I’m 75% through the book, which means I’ll soon be on to my next book!