Check it out…

I have just opened an online bookstore, selling primarily used books at cheap prices.  Typical paperbacks in very good condition are selling for about $5 which includes shipping, and hardcovers are selling for about $14, including shipping.  I’m still entering my inventory into the system, so the store catalog will be steadily increasing.  Stop by and browse the store if you’re interested in seeing what’s in my catalog.  The website is

One of my jobs

OK – you’re probably wondering about my many jobs. How many, you ask? How about three! The first one that I’ll bring up here is my position as Adjunct Professor at Arapahoe Community College. Fancy, eh? I’m currently only teaching one subject, but that may change. I guess it depends on the department chair and my schedule. My class is in session at the moment, and I have six students that I am teaching.

Oh, yeah, I’m teaching “Intro To Shell Programming” which is an introductory class to writing scripts (programs) that run in a Unix environment.